Baby's Hand Palm Photo Charm
Baby's Hand Palm Photo Charm
Baby's Hand Palm Photo Charm

Baby's Hand Palm Photo Charm

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Meaningful gift for your loved ones!

This charm reminds everyone, including the one wearing it, of what is dear to your heart with a beautifully decorated sterling silver heart on one side and a photo of your choice on the other. Make it personal by adding your own image, a beautiful heart-shaped photo that will take a moment in time and put it forever on the wearer’s wrist.

Brand: Custom Gifts ‘R’ Us

Material: Sterling Silver 925

Finish: Oxidation

Weight: 3.4g

Width: 12.7mm

Height: 11.2mm

Thickness: 8.9mm

Inner Diameter: 4.6mm


Product, Shipping & Returns

Please allow us to print/engrave your custom order within 2-3 business days.



Q: What are my design and personalization options?
A: Your design and personalization options are completely up to you. However, it also depends on the quality and the positioning of the subject(s). For example, a large group photo with many people or a far distance shot would not be suitable for our charms due to the small area to fit the detail into.

Q: Is there anyone else who can help me to crop the photo?
A: Don't worry about your photos, our Photo Enhancement Team can help you out and crop the photo to fit the charm.